Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trip Report Part 3

We decided to have our first park hopper day on Sunday.  We began our day at the Magic Kingdom.  We arrived early and got the see the opening ceremony.  I admit it, I got teary when the characters arrived on the train. I was so excited to be there with my kids.  My hubby got teary when we first saw Cinderella's castle, because the little one got so excited. She enjoyed high fiving all of the employees on Main Street.  The boy didn't really have much to say. Guess he was too cool to admit that he was happy to be there.

We headed over to Tomorrowland and the guys went to ride Space Mountain. Unfortunately it was down so they got Fast Passes for later. We rode the People Mover and Astro Orbiter, both huge hits with the 3 year old. She and I hung out while the guys rode Space Mountain, which they loved.

We then headed over to Adventureland where we all rode the Magic Carpets of  Aladdin (another huge hit with the 3 year old) and Pirates of the Caribbean, which both kids thought was okay.  I loved seeing Jack Sparrow in different areas and the addition of the mermaids was really impressive. Next we headed to Frontierland where we took turns riding Big Thunder Mountain with the boy.  Big Thunder Mountain has always been my favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom and it still holds that title. Just pure fun!

We ate lunch at Pecos Bills which was great. I highly recommend the taco salad if you want something other than a burger.  After lunch, the boy and I rode Splash Mountain. He liked the getting wet part, but found the rest boring. Of course if you've never seen Song of the South, you would find it boring.  Since it was a little chilly that day, my hubby declined his turn to ride Splash Mountain.  The boy was not upset that he didn't get to ride it again.

To appease the little one who did not appreciate having to wait around while we all rode rides, we hopped on the Walt Disney World Railroad. We jumped off at Fantasyland where she and the boy met Minnie Mouse and Daisy at Pete's Silly Sideshow.  The little one loved the train. She thought it was so much fun and I don't think that I've ever ridden it before.  Of course, Minnie and Daisy were a hit. I loved their costumes, but Minnie's was the best.....of course.

Afterwards we headed to catch the bus to Hollywood Studios. We arrived just in time to see the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! parade which was cute. We followed the hordes of people to Star Tours where we got the guys Fast Passes. We then all watched the Indiana Jones stunt show, while sharing funnel cakes, which we all enjoyed. Even the little one who has never seen Indiana Jones liked the show.  While I admit it's a little dated, being based on the first movie, it was still really fun.  We saw Disney Junior Live which only the little one and I enjoyed. She loved it because it's all of her favorite shows; I loved it because she loved it. I admit that I could live without sitting on the floor.

Next we ran back so the guys could ride Star Tours. While we wait, and waited and waited, for them, the little one and I watched the Jedi Training. It was really cute and I can't wait until next year when she can do it. The guys took forever, and the boy did not like the ride. He said that he would never wait in line for it.  The husband liked it fine.

Once they finally finished, we ran over to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. We made it just in time and everyone loved them. There is just something about being there when they turn them on and hearing the gasps and oohhs and aahhs that can't be beat.  Plus watching the lights dance to the music is so much fun for young and old.

We went to eat at ABC Commissary.  First, we were on the dining plan and they charged us for the meal which took forever to fix. Then, well let's just say that my burger didn't agree with me and almost kept me in the room the following day.  

We had extra magic hours, EMH, that night so we had until 11 PM at Hollywood Studios, but we really didn't feel like staying that long. We did ride the Great Movie Ride which I thought was okay. Our "extra" tour guide tried to talk like a 20s gangster, but you couldn't understand anything that she said. After we rode it, we did a little shopping then headed back to our room.  We had a full day at Hollywood Studios scheduled for the following day.

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